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An individual who has been 'studying' at university far beyond the normal time it takes to become qualified. Fetheads will be seen to swap courses regularly because they're 'not sure what they want to do with their lives yet'. They tend to exhibit most of the stereo typical traits of under achieving students, such as poor diet, drug dependency, low stress threshold, and an affinity for 'Buddhism'. They can nearly always be identified by their unique stench, which is a mixture of body odour, incense and ammonia toilet cleaners. They frequently express the wish to 'sort their lives out' but lack the willpower or commitment to actually get off their arses and complete their course or get a job.

Derivation: from the words 'Fetid', meaning 'having an offensive odour' and word 'Feta', meaning 'a white semisoft cheese usually made of goat's or ewe's milk and often preserved in brine.'
"Hasn't that piece of shit fethead been studying sociology for like 6 years?"

"Get your own food you worthless fethead"
by Eliza Humplebottom December 14, 2005
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