Glock wielding Skool kids
Churston Ferrers G School
by Kris Hughes June 21, 2003
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To be a de Ferrer means you belong to an insanely cool specie.
de Ferrer's are generally good at everything. They are insanely awesome. Everyone wants to be a de Ferrer and to be one you either have to marry a de Ferrer or be an offspring of a de Ferrer.
To be a de Ferrer you have to be special.

Also, only a de Ferrer knows how the name is actually said.
Understandable, she is a de Ferrer
by Moodicow July 26, 2011
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a fantastic, small, all girls high school in the heart of Manhattan. Unlike Dominican Academy, Ferrer girls have the perfect Social life and academic life. Only if every girl could be as amazing as them.♥
Saint Vincent Ferrer, that adorable school on Lex?
Xavier boy: Damn that girl's funny and smart she has got to be comin' from Saint Vincent Ferrer!!!!
by Thegirlyouwillnevereverbex3 January 7, 2012
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Souless little town situated in essex, england.
Other names include, toy town, and asda town due to the centre being wholey owned by walmart.
Best known for its 10 people to every pub ratio.
this could be heaven, or this could be south woodham ferrers.
by mojomoho May 25, 2009
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On this day it is legal to kill Jake Ferrer.
You better run boy
October 29th- Kill Jake Ferrer day: Kill the boy named Jake Ferrer
by thxroro October 29, 2021
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