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This girl is strong and independent, who loves and cares for her family & friends but always puts herself first because she know's that life is too short to impress others. This girl has usually been put through a lot but is still standing strong and happy as ever. She stands up for herself and friends and has the top-quality friendship material. If you know a Fereshta hold on to her with everything you've got because losing her would be like losing a piece of yourself. I know this because iv'e lost a Fereshta and it sucked.

Fereshtas tend to have long dark hair with dark brown eyes, though in some rare cases they may have green/grey eyes. Is tall and has fairly large breasts while the rest of her body remains thin/slender. Fit, and lives a healthy lifestyle. Strong features e.g long lashes, thick eyebrows, full lips, strong cheek structure etc.

Her name meaning Angel.
Dayum, who's that sexy girl? Must be Fereshta!
by Piron May 11, 2013
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