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Femiphobia (1998) 1) Is the irrational fear of, aversion to, hatefulness or aggression towards, or discrimination against females; 2) The hatred, hostility, or disapproval of females, their sexuality, behaviour or mannerisms, and is used to assert bigotry; 3) A form of discrimination against females; 4) The femiphobic are prejudiced against persons of the female gender; 5) The term is pejorative in the same manner that bigoted, prejudiced, or racist are pejorative; 6) A morbid and irrational revulsion, jealousy towards and competitiveness with females which rouses irrational and/or aggressive behaviour, evasion or the desire to destroy the stimulus for the phobia and anything reminiscent of it or associated with it; 7) Like racism, anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry, prejudice and discrimination, the femiphobe seeks to dehumanize and diminish the female gender as a group or the individual, to deny their humanity, dignity and personhood, to maliciously harm, hurt, discredit, defame or destroy them or the individual female.
Invisible but enacted nonetheless, femiphobia insidiously permeated the community of gay male real estate agents: Only offers from/for men were given preferential status whereas those from/for women were obstructed, ignored or rejected outright.
by Dr. Barbara R. Hollinger October 22, 2006
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