Female Rapper is a rapper who writes her own raps, can freestyle effortlessly, knows how to use word play and twist her words, able to switch her flow & can rap in multiple different genres a female rapper is someone who set the bar for new female rappers since rapping was a mans category
Did you see how nicki minaj switched her flow 3 times in one verse?? she really is a great FEMALE RAPPER!!
by baltimore female July 15, 2021
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Female rapper is a woman who can really rap and rap only about their booty,tities and how much man want to have sex with them but for things in life that are REAL and their lyrics make sense.They can also freestyle pretty well.

Fake female rappers:Iggy Azalea,Nicki Minaj,Lola Monroe

Real female rappers:Snow Tha Product,Sasha Go Hard,Missy Elliott
by BaconPancake May 20, 2015
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They don't exist, with the exception of Sarai, and Princess Superstar, and that one corny ass Blondie shit from the old school, but that's it.
There are none and that's funny.
by M. Mathers May 26, 2004
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