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A girl that’s confident and cunning, can juggle more than one relationship at a time without some being any the wiser and the others not caring because she’s worth it. Like a man she’s got a sexual appetite and gets bored easily, aka Nympho. At the foundation she’s not trying to gold dig or manipulate (some turn it into that baller, she’s not emotionaly unstable or Broken, she’s quite the Opposite, how else could she juggle so many men? she sees something she likes she goes for it, she enjoys the chase and once the chase is over if the sex isn’t good, next! She leaves men wanting more, and takes nothing more then his heart. She’s good at compartmentalizing and her attention to detail is keen and calculating. That’s why’s she’s so good at it, she has rules unlike her male player counterparts and that’s why they get caught and if and when she does she has no shame . Can’t get played if you know the rules of the game she says to her lover, men will never admit they got played! So take your emotionally unstable gold digging definitions and shove them! Realize women are simply better players and are better at keeping our emotions out of the game which is why all your definitions keep throwing them back in!
she says “honestly the sex wasn’t that good I’m just not interested” he says “your just a fuckin female player!” She replies “Shouldn’t have caught feelings, I didn’t”
by Str8tTruth September 7, 2018
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a girl who:
enjoys playing guys, usually has more guys friends than girls, some of them are ex boyfriends or guys to whom she has given the "let's just be friends" speech. She is constantly seeking for the next best thing. She is emotionally unattached, but she manipulates guys to fall for her, probably has a bunch of guys she is playing at the same time. Through this process she gets "validation", she is getting bored easily and it's hard for her to commit in any exclusive relationship.
Lisa is a female player,she cannot commit to anyone, she takes care only herself. Her personal life is really complicated she has so many guys around her, some to make little things for her , others to give her gifts, others for sex.
by puaXT September 8, 2007
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The best type of female athlete in the world, of course. They are beautiful, healthy, and in shape. (:
by Hockey Addict January 10, 2009
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excellent kissers
LOUD... on and off stage ;)
"Those female trumpet players blow so hard" ;)
by misstrumpetplayer12 November 22, 2013
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A female that plays football, probably the best and toughest player on the team, makes every guy jealous
Dang, have you seen that female football player; she's on fire.
by FootballGirl#55 November 25, 2017
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A girl who participates competitively in a violent sport that was designed for men. Usually very butch or super slutty. Hated by figure skaters around the world. Very athletic with strong endurance.
"That girl dancing like a man must be a female hockey player"
by ilove2skate March 5, 2009
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Female Soccer Players should be respected and honored very much. They work hard for soccer and beat the guys in soccer games. Just give Female Soccer Players a chance. Like they already know they're better than you. :)
Respect In Female Soccer Players
by Monkey_10101 November 2, 2020
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