He is an imposter of pewdiepie
He looks like pewdiepie
And has friends that look like pewdiepie
Felix Kjellberg IS jealous of pewdiepie
by Monecraftpp June 22, 2020
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Otherwise known as Pewdiepie. He is not a racist and is married to Marzia Kjellberg. He has a hit Minecraft series and has over 100 Million Subscribers on Youtube.
"Felix Kjellberg just got married, hit 100 million subs on youtube, and his reddit page hit 2 million followers in the same week!
by Pewdiepieminecraft September 3, 2019
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A Swedish YouTuber also known as PewDiePie (pronounced "Pewdeepie"). He was born in Gothenburg, Sweden. He is well known for playing horror games such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent, however he started to play less horror games and now plays games that interest him as of 2014. He is the YouTuber with the most subscribers. He lives in England with his girlfriend Marzia Bisognin (aka CutiePieMarzia) and his two pugs Edgar and Maya. In 2014, he announced that he would turn off the comments on his YouTube videos because they were spam or hate.
Scott: Hey dude, have you heard of this guy named PewDiePie? His real name is Felix Kjellberg.
Joey: I've heard of him, but I didn't know his real name.
by hpisnotaprinter0216 May 25, 2015
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A famous philosopher, he raised over 100 k and donated it to blm. He also have some famous lookalikes: pewdiepie, Poppy Harlow, Poppy Smoria etc.
"Do you know who Felix Kjellberg is?"
"Yeah the philosopher"
by floorgangAOOH June 12, 2020
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A famous YouTuber; he currently holds the world record for most subscribers. He is more commonly known by his stage name, PewDiePie. He is dating another YouTuber by the name of Marzia Bisognin, whose stage name is CutiePie. They will eventually get married, although when they first met when she was 18, Marzia did ask Felix not to propose until she was 23. As her 23rd birthday approaches, she states that she is getting anxious because she thinks that Felix is going to propose to her. However, in a recent video, Felix and Marzia agreed not to get married until they are older because they feel that they are "still young adults". Felix is most commonly known for his "Amnesia" series and his "Happy Wheels" series. He describes himself as an agnostic atheist, but is uninterested in religion. Felix has two pugs, one named Maya (nicknamed Puga-Chan) and the other named Edgar Allan Pug (a pun on Edgar Allan Poe). Felix was born on the twenty fourth of October, 1989 in Gothenburg, Sweden to Johanna and Ulf Kjellberg. When he originally registered on YouTube, his username was "PewDie", representing someone being struck by a fatal laser blast. When he forgot his password, He reregistered under the Pseudonym of "PewDiePie and continued his work. Before he was registered as an official YouRube personality, he worked at a hotdog stand to fund both his YouTube videos and his move to Italy to be with his girlfriend. The media tends to focus on his annual income of $4 million U.S.
OMG! I want Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg to have my children!
by Anal_Pseudonym July 22, 2015
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Felix Kjellberg is an youtuber known as Pewdiepie. He is cool and all but mostly a dickhead. Don't watch his videos! Why? Well he kills memes, he brainwashes you to continue watch his videos. I'm a subscriber and I can't stop watching help!
Alex: Felix Kjellberg sucks.
Rick: Yeah.
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