an idiot who can't comprehend something because their brain capacity is so small.
Kid 1: This kid can't even understand the cow jumped over the moon.

Kid 2: Yeah I know, he's so feeble minded.

Kid 1: fucking idiot!
by toker123 April 19, 2009
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A term used for a retarded person like your mom or your pet rock. A feeble minded person usually cant determine right from wrong or ugly from attractive. Most feeble minded people are named joe, bob, billy, or bert because their parents were too stupid to pick a name that makes sense. Feeble minded people can give you there retardation because it is a contagious disease. Make sure to stay away from anyone who is feeble minded.
Your dad is "feeble minded" because he has no legs.
by psmith69412 March 30, 2019
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One who thinks that they can handle the drugs they are consuming when in fact their life is totally unmanageable and their thinking distorted , and totally clueless yet still consuming drugs as if they have nothing to do with their mental state.
Look at that dumb bitch she thinks she can run things with her feeble drug infested mind (fdim).
by Dutch mutter December 27, 2016
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