Harry: its February 12, Angelica's birthday
Draco: " she has a birthday? What a waste of time"
Harry: "poor angelica"
by Draco obsessed January 8, 2021
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Only the hottest of the hot are born on this day
Oh I bet Ryan was born on February 12 hes soooooo hit
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Bad bitch day. Anyone born on this day is a bad bitch. Periot.
Anyone :it’s February 12

Me: I know bc imma bad bitch
by U_already_know November 8, 2019
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me i was born on this day
me: my name is allisen and i was born on february 12th, this wasn’t my choice
by allithecreator November 25, 2020
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Abraham Lincoln’s birthday also national plum pudding day
Ayo bro what day is it ?
Abraham Lincoln’s birthday fam, never forget february 12
by Andy whelan October 17, 2019
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