Bob: “there’s so many big booty bitches today!”
Rob: “because it’s February 12th”
by dog2462 October 18, 2019
The day where the world was blessed with the absolute bloody legend that has the title of Owen
On February 12th our world was graced with the presence of a god.
by Ehlemehnohpea November 4, 2019
On this day a true bad bitch from Gracanica is born and she is the prettiest one. We love her you know who u are
Wow shes so pretty. Yeah shes born on February 12th
by s3lmqq May 6, 2020
Hot people named Aiden are born on February 12
Aiden is Hot because he is born on February 12th
by February 12th October 29, 2019
Kiss or ask out any named child Tino he probably needs it
Girl: Oof Tino can I give you a kiss it's February 12th

Tino: oh thanks
by Thatemokidd October 28, 2019
Play tord with two friends they have to do every dare so do you no cheating even dirty dares
Wanna play tord

You have to it's tord day February 11th and 12th (tord day)
by Hii>i February 11, 2020