Moving a controller like a game pad or joystick in slight intermittent nudges. Used to avoid moving too far in a game with overly responsive character or vehicle movement. The opposite approach to blindly charging in, thrusters on full. Might be needed to get a character right to the edge of a ledge in a platform game before making a particularly difficult jump.
Dude, you've got to use some feathering to get that ship in to the landing pad or you're going to crash.
by WRM3 May 02, 2011
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She was upset I was better at my job so I was feathering my response
by Hydra187 November 19, 2017
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Feathers – \feath•ers\ Noun: Slang for hubris, arrogant, vain, narcissistic, selfish, self-centered. Originated from the cliché “He’s like a peacock so in love with his own feathers he’d high five his own shadow”
The server referred to John as “Feathers” to her co-workers because Feathers was so self-centered he liked leaving an intentional mess and bossing people around at the restaurant which gave him a sense of narcissistic pleasure and inflated self-worth.
by Giggles T. Clown September 23, 2014
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1.) When you are a cool guy, who knows what’s up, and you just seem to never stop (possibly due to drugs or mental illness).

2.) Cutting your hair with fire.
First Example -
News: Local Florida man was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after throwing an alligator threw Wendy’s drive-thru window.

Reader: Man he’s just feathering it.

Second Example-
Tom: Dr. Drew looks really good!
Christina: Well, he has been feathering it!
by RUNJRE May 21, 2020
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Getting hit in the balls really hard, the type of ball kicks that a kickboxer would cower in fear of. Originally a joke from a Sam O'Nella video about Slang words he doesn't understand.
Person 1: Woah dude, you just got feathered.
Person 2: Fuck you, don't try to downplay my suffering.
by Mongolmongol January 20, 2018
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A father who truly enjoys playing with his very young children for extended periods of time, especially while sober.
Russ: Chris said he had a great time at the Great Wolf Lodge this weekend playing in the pool with his 4-year-old twins.

Ted: And he said he didn't even drink! What a fuckin' feather!

Russ: Yep, sober. He said tossing the beach ball was second most fun next to making waves with his arms.
by hodags1966 November 10, 2020
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