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Also known as Feast, and the Vose is a town that borders Northeast Philly's neighborhood of Somerton. It is chillin up in Bucks County. Mostly whites and some blacks, some Asian, very little Hispanic. For some reason there are alot of Russians up here. Lower Southampton is the township. Neshaminy High is where kids from Feasterville go and some from Trevose go because half of Trevose goes to Neshaminy and half goes to Bensalem High. Yea there are alot of wiggers that walk along Street Road and chill out front of the 7/11 and gas stations. People in Feasterville-Trevose can go from very rich to very poor cuz there are tiny ass apartment complexes to big ass mansions it's weird. Not so dangerous there is a bum and there is some robberies and theft every now and then from the white trash that live up in them apartments. Kids typically chill at the Panera Bread, Brunswick Zone, or head up to Neshaminy Mall up in Bensalem. Oh and we will fuck up Levittown up anyday yo.
Feasterville-Trevose, PA is a gangsta ass town.
by Feast-A-Villain September 21, 2009
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You name a fast food place and Feasterville has it.There are fancy place like the INNFLIGHT all the way down to the bottom of the chain Taco bell.
Feasterville-Trevose, Pa. has a Mcdonalds, Taco Bell, KFC, ARbys, Burger king, Wendys, SUbway, Woks Cooking, Dominos
by Alex Lavado July 02, 2006
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Also known as "da ville" or "da vose". Two towns so small they share a zip code. Actually has real streets named Bertha and Street Road. A place where everybody really does know your name... and everything else about you. Contains only 3 main places to hang out Suburban Diner, Your friends house, and Brunswick Zone. Considered to be one of the most boring places to live ever..however it could be worse, at least its not in Alabama.

Feasterville Trevose "the friendly place to live"
by holla January 09, 2005
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