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Fearne is one of the most important people you will ever meet. Don't throw away your chance to get close to a Fearne. Fearnes are extremely hot, intelligent and friendly people who will support you in any situation. Always up for a good laugh and also a serious talk. They could get you to hell and back and still be smiling. Fearnes are very strong people.
Your name is Fearne you must be the best person in the world
by jimmy_is_cool101 October 23, 2019
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A sophifosticated, classy young woman on the outside. How ever she's dirty as hell in the sack. Known for 10/10 blow jobs.
"How did it go with that girl last night"
"She was a real Fearne, treat her like a princess and fuck her like a porn star"
by ConnorB92 December 18, 2015
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