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To act aloof, jokishly, or without restraint.
He was doing a Fazza when he fell into the water screaming No, No, No! trying to catch his fish and fishing rod.
by Chosisboss November 05, 2009
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Fazza is the Crown Prince of Dubai. He is amazing. He beat New Zealand Rugby team by himself 76 - 0. He has a bowl before he goes to kick the conversion. He kicks turns around, blows out and he make directly in the middle of the posts. Eyes closed. He found the new metal called Fazzanium. It is better than gold. Better than Platinum, Looks better than anything. It is amazing. Without him there would be no world. Fazza is amazing
Dude looks its Fazza. I love Fazza. Fazza is amazing!
by e*thirteen February 03, 2013
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