A dude in faze who left for a while. Then he came back badass as ever. He has sick tattoos and is funny af
Faze Banks: "I'm buying mad heroin with that, so stop asking"
by Suh due February 23, 2017
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An attention seeker who likes to use Jake Paul and Team 10 for views or followers. He dates Alissa Violet an ex member from team 10 who was also Jake Pauls ex. Faze Banks is a lying attention seeking bitch and who only cares about himself and money.
Person: Do you know that youtuber Faze Banks?
Other Person: Yeah that attention seeker who is using Jake Paul's and Team 10's name for views?
Person: Yep that lying Asshole, I feel sorry that Alissa dates him.
Other Person: Same.
via giphy
by Jake pauler ❤ June 12, 2018
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a stupid asshole who is twins with a naked role rat and alissa is only with him to suck his microscopic dick for a home
everyone in the world: yeah i know
by #1JakePauler May 18, 2018
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