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A phrase used to secretly code any racial slur or stereotypical phrase against a foreigner or racial group. Typically used while in public and between friends.
An individual may tell his friends that the Favorite Word is Nigger. Then when someone wants to use the N word, they may use the phrase "Favorite Word" instead, hence avoiding use of the "N word" but still getting the point across to those who understand meanwhile avoiding being identified as the racially insensitive person in the room by non acquaintances.

Dan: Hey there, how ya doing ya Favorite Word!
Jack: Your a Favorite Word Dan!
Hey Steve, look at that Favorite Word!
She is such a Favorite word!
Romeo is can be a real Favorite Word sometimes!
We left the club early because a bunch of favorite words showed up.
by BethesdaSlurs August 24, 2009
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