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someone who is kind,helpful sweet,sexy and is an angel on earth. they are someone who will make a huge difference in people lives and someone that works hard to get things he want but at the same time he puts everyone's lives over his that is what a kind hearted person he is. they say the horse joke that goes like this" a horse walks into a bar and the bartender says........why the long face.. then he laughs at it. someones that has a humor to put on a smile on someone else. someone that no one will ever be able to be.
by ad21404 December 29, 2008
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guy who holds grudges and gets mad for every single thing a girl does wrong :-D
dont be a favian
by u would like to know March 21, 2004
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Someone who looks at an attractive girl continuously and rubs his dick continuously. He knows the art of sex with a girl very well and when he successfully attracts a girl, he drags them to his house and makes them lose their virginity.
Omg, I lost my virginity to that handsome favian
by U FOR ULLUTTA April 22, 2019
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