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Faten is very charming, seductive women who are also rather image-conscious. This could be expressed by the way they dress (often with originality), or by the choices they make in life and their personal views. Romantically, they are idealistic and elitist and can be very fussy when choosing a partner. Faten is protective by nature, and are therefore very good at comforting and supporting others, usually forgetting about themselves in the process.
And also they need love, can be exclusive and are very frightened by aggressive or violent behavior.
A: Faten is so hard to get.
B: Why ?
A: I think she's too (picky)
by caroline. spr December 27, 2017
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Awmigawd, Faten r liek teh 1337est person 2 eva play r00nscape, he r0x my s0xzorz!!!!!11!11 Faten rules
'OMG I just saw Faten in edge bank and he is like so much better than zezima cos zezima sucks balls'
by Not Faten :aware: March 27, 2007
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