When someone wins in a competition or sporting event by a lot. It originates from the newspapers where in the sports section, a team gets points in the win column. The win column has a uppercase W at the top, otherwise known as a dub.
Yo, I took a fat dub yesterday in my hockey game #ferda
by Bncnb January 15, 2018
1) A big dick
Fat = Big
Dub = Dick

*Note: "Fat" can be subbed in for any adjective*
Ex. Baby Dub (Small Dick), Sad Dub (Limp Dick), etc.
Guy who won a fortnite match: "Bro I took such a Fat Dub right now!"
Friend: Bitch what the fuck, are you gay?!?!
by KeoSucks April 14, 2018
Us doing online mocks.
Online Student: How was paper 4?
IRL Student: Kinda hard tbh, didnt have much time, wby?
Online Student: Fat Dub.
by tyroxinas November 19, 2020