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RFPD: Retarded Feminist Personality Disorder.

RFPD is something most feminists suffer from these days, it causes them to go ballistic and accuse the innocent of rape as well as many other awful sins. RFPD is extremely common and if you see a person with RPFD the safest thing to do is to grab the closest item that can be used as a weapon and make the feminist hold it, then counterattack using your Blue Eyes White Dragon and scream "THIS PERSON TRIED TO ASSAULT ME!!!". This will help defend you.
Imaginary Friend: Yo, you heard of that new Physics teacher Tyro got? People say she's got RPFD.
You: No way!!! What rating?
Imaginary Friend: Hmmm... 1 - 5 on the RFPD scale I'd say a 3.7
You: Oh snap dude, that's hella high. She's a full-fledged feminist!!!
by tyroxinas November 7, 2018
Us doing online mocks.
Online Student: How was paper 4?
IRL Student: Kinda hard tbh, didnt have much time, wby?
Online Student: Fat Dub.
by tyroxinas November 19, 2020