A fat asian is not only a fat asian but somebody that is a chubby british teen.
eg.Chris piss off you fat asian.
by CXLZ November 21, 2016
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Used to describe someone who is very good at computer games, or is too good at computer games. Asians are generally known for being good at computer games, so a Fat Asian is considered an extremely good gamer.

Frist started being used in dota and has since spread into the MMORPG gaming world.
John and Bob are playing a computer game and Bob is continuously killing Bob.Bob says "BOOM HEAD SHOT" John says "Bloody hell, stop killing me you fat Asian!"
by Josh Yoshi March 19, 2009
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A man who is obsessed with cake and cookie dough. He tends to steal dogs just to bake them into a cake and eat him. Don’t underestimate his gargantuas chode. That thing is the size of a dinner plate meant for thanksgiving dinner. He tends to Simp over E girls
Holy shit he’s so fat. That Fat Asian Brenner be Simping over a E Girl
by Beautiful condor March 18, 2020
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Fat Asian Guy - F.A.G. - Also known as FAD (F.A.D. - Fat Asian Dude), used frequently in asian music videos, depicting a man in his early 20's leading a useless life, becoming a burden to people, or getting dumped.
The expression can be used to describe such people, even if said people is not of Asian birth!

*Discriminatory not intended*
Sometimes I could use a Fat Asian Guy, like when you have to get away from somewhere you can block the way with them! At least that way they could be useful for once!
by Worfeed September 25, 2010
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Hoi, her name ith Kim Chi, and she came to chop thuey da competition!
by DrewMonson'sBoyfriend February 10, 2017
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A head and smoke shop in the United State that is owned and ran by either Asians, Arabs and Indians.
Hey Joe could you drive me to the Asian Fat-Man Arab Indian shop so I can buy a Pack of Tobacco and tubes.
by Ldmnc01 May 22, 2023
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