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A girl who is fat but still fuckable
'Fat moths who's on x'
by lesbeean March 16, 2018
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Fat Moth is probably the most LEGENDARY, AMAZING AND EPIC person you will ever meet. He mostly comes with ginger hair and has the strangest, most epic hobbies ever. You are luck enough to even know one Fat Moth in your Lifetime.
Guy 1: i heard that ginger Alan does fencing...AND rides a unicycle...
Guy 2: Really! I think you just found yourself a Fat Moth.
by ilovefatmoth November 04, 2010
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A woman who is overweight she will lick your balls with pleasure and will make u cups of tea if you change your attitude for a fat moth your a really dumb person
She’s a fat moth she will suck ur balls no bother
by Ye boi irrelivence December 03, 2018
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