A very plump, juicy vagina. Usually used as an adjective for a delightfully ample female private area.
Hey, girl! Let me get some of that Fat Monkey!
by Snow Right September 3, 2016
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a pussy whith fat cheeks, a big meaty taco, that gives you a mouthfull once eaten, a huge cameltoe pussy. that is so good . i love to eat a fat monkey anytime.
by kreator of pleasure March 6, 2006
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A term to describe a fat man who is not handsome at all, ugly and have an evil attitude. Love to cheat for money and sabotage people especially his teachers and the leadership council at school. He is the alumni president.
Mr Z***** A***** is a FAT MONKEY!!!
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extra fat around the vagina. Most people think that just because you can see camel toe they think that the women are wearing too tight of jeans. Most the time that is NOT true. a lot of women just have extra fat protecting the goods.
For all you women out there that think that "Camel Toe" or having a "FatAzzMonkey" is gross when in certain clothing. Think again....Men go crazy goo goo gaga when they see a glimpse of that. It's a GREAT thing to have that. It's sexy!

I should know...My husband explained to me that men love a fat pussy then skinny one
Hey, check out that girl with that Fat Azz Monkey in those pants
by HzAFatAzzMonkey February 9, 2011
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A woman or feminine large man are over weight and a rude, racists, mean, fat, giving front pussy lookin ahh teacher.
by Notarealperaon March 9, 2022
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