A combination of the words "fat" and "asshole"
Most often used when describing an offense made by an overweight person.
"Hey! That fasshole totally just cut me off!"
by cinderelmo December 24, 2005
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what a faaasshole
that haverford guy is an ugly fasshole
by jemstarmagoolover February 4, 2010
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Fucking + asshole = fasshole

one who is the worst part of a human, dog, donkey, etc 2.) someone who is worst than an ass 3.) one who tries to be an ass but is without asshole ability.
The bouncer was a complete fasshole about the situation.
The police officer was a total fasshole, I was only driving three over.
by spiltbeans January 24, 2010
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Not fat and asshole but rather a fucking asshole, thus you get a fasshole.
Hey that fasshole just ran over my dog.
by mickie8 January 19, 2007
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