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A club of snooty, popular girls that talk about fashion from Daria.
Sandi, Quinn, Stacy, and Tiffany are in the Fashion Club.
by Gwen Stefani Grrl September 22, 2003
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A club in Stardoll who doesn't accept joke accounts because they are stuck up and no fun.
They are extremely boring and drink tea while conversing about the latest advances at, in which they are president.
FC= Fashion Club
Oh yeah, and one more thing.
OC= Original club.
FC < OC all day, bbz.
OCer: have you seen that FCer girl? You know, from Fashion Club? ewww.
FCer: Oh, darling, you are just quite jealous of the fact that I follow rules and don't have to deal with those silly joke accounts.
OCer: ...hoe.
by OCerforlifebbz February 14, 2011
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daria's sister quinn was vice president of the fashion club, a club based solely on hypocracy, because everyone who belonged to it wore the same thing almost every day
Quinn: Skin-care crises transcend personality conflicts, Daria. It's in the fashion club bylaws.
by people/us July 28, 2005
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A group of people who are caring and love to have fun, they share jokes, sometimes get in fights but their all so caring and loveable, their happy. There are alot of noobs there but still, people get over it! :
Fashion Club - N. a place with people and friends, thats what fashion club is all about
by stardollgirl13 July 01, 2010
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