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An expression used to illustrate the point that a (usually) male is flamboyantly homosexual.
Bob: "I'm pretty sure Jeremy's flirting with my ol' lady.. I'm gonna go do something retarded that will land me in jail for a while."

Frank: "HAHAHAHAHA, you retard! He's not hitting on your sister!"

Bob: "Yeah he sure be is! Look at em! All havin' a good time, hoppin' around gigglin..' "

Frank: "Bob.. I don't know how to tell you this in a way you'll understand.. Considering you met Jeremy's 'room mate' that he's lived with the last ten years. You saw how immaculate the apartment he insists is called a 'flat' was. He wears Gucci and pays more for one hair cut than you paid for those hair plugs.. Jeremy's gay."

Bob: "Whuuuuu? I aint's not no never no how usta'could.. You mean he is just a happy individual?"

Frank: "He farts glitter. Bob. Out of his ass. And it's like a fabulous rainbow of skittles."

Bob: "Oh, one of them thar types! So that's why he always smells so good and all the girls say he dresses more better than me!"
by finalphoenix March 11, 2014
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