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The act of placing a hit of coke on your partners Balloon Knot and having them fart it into your nose.

See also "Knot Gunning", "Angel Dusting"

When snorting coke off a strippers ass just isnt enough.
Hey Mike, how did it go with that stripper last night.

Dude she's a total freak, she was Fart Knocking off me all night.
by Elroy the Great November 12, 2011
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1. When having anal sex and the anal o-ring blows out and fart start blowing out while you're pushing.

2. Original origin was used by homosexuals to describe other homosexuals that took it in the butt a lot and got loose.
Last night I was banging the back door out of Nicole and after about 5 minutes I started fartknocking.
by medicneballer February 09, 2018
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the act of when a man farts on a girls boobs
I was fart knocking her last night.
by human.0 December 25, 2017
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