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Used to describe a good looking Country guy. Ruggedly handsome, dirty work boots, unshaven face, tall and built.

Overall a dirty, sexy, working country man.
"Hey Michelle! Did ya see the farm fresh in aisle 4?"
"I see farm fresh everyday on his way to work"
"Did you see him? FARM FRESH!"
by Grandma Hunter October 25, 2009
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Girls who are below legal-age who work in the beer-bars and go-go bars of Pattaya and Bangkok. Although they look over 18, their most tell-tale sign, is that they will laugh at a farang's (foreign person's) stupid jokes and are willing to try and engage with customers and show a little bit of fun and appreciation.

The other well-worn out grumpy bar girls who just frown, looking mindlessly into their iphone, and all but say 'Oh My Buddha, I'm sick of been here, but I'm too lazy to find a real job,' can't stand been next to any Farm Fresh as they make the older ones look like the obnoxious and damaged, money-hungry gold-diggers they are.
Bert and Ernie of Seaseme Street go straight to Pattaya and for a bit of female companionship and the boom-boom that comes with it:

Ernie - "Bert, if you're bringing a girl to the hotel tonight, make sure she has some ID. If the hotel catch you with an underage girl, you're gonna look like a right Garry Glitter."
Bert - "Quit your nattering and relax. I don't care if I bring back a farm fresh, just as long as the paparazzi don't spy on me here and try to ruin my chances of running for US president!"
by Chessymcchessyface February 21, 2018
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