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An algorithm which determines how 'fap worthy' a particular female is.

Her fap factor is reflective of an estimated number of people who fap* to how sexy she is. (*the word 'fap' is an onomatopoeic representation of masturbation).

Generally speaking, the higher her Fap Factor, the sexier and more desirable a population of voters believes she is.

In celebrity culture, a scandalous or widely publicized act of sexuality has a tendency to boost a celebrity's fap factor, especially in the case where a sex tape or nude photo is leaked to the public.

It is important to remember that individual tastes and preferences in women will result in a wide spectrum of different fap factor scores for each female in question. A weighted average of scores across a large population of voters will yield a truer and less biased representation of her 'fap worthiness' relative to other women.
Jim: Megan Fox has a fap factor well over 9000 whereas Jennifer Lopez is lingering around 8,300
John: What's your mom?
Jim: 200.

Neil: Man Angelina Jolie's acting sucked in that new Wanted movie, why do people even go to see it?
Richard: Bro it's all about the fap factor and she's still got it!
by KingLeon24 April 25, 2010
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