Here's the REAL definition of fantasy sports (dunno what 'franktherabbit' was thinking).

The next-best thing to physically playing sports, fantasy sports encompasses every sport and is actually a multi-billion dollar business. There are many types of fantasy sports, such as the salary cap form, where you have a finite amount of money to use towards purchasing players for your team. But the most played types are head-to-head and rotisserie. The basic premise of these types of fantasy sports is you are given a team of players (either by participating in an online draft or through an offline draft by pre-ranking players before the given drafting date) from which they represent their own real-life professional sports teams, and you manage your rosters either daily or weekly (depending on you league’s settings) with the intent of topping the rest of the managers in your league. The stats that each player accumulates when they play (e.g., an NHL hockey forward gets 1 goal and 1 assist with a +2 rating during one of his team’s games) will equate to a X number of fantasy points for your fantasy team. In order to be successful at these games, managers need to be fully committed to their teams; must have good strategy and proactive skills; and a bit of luck. With the advent of the internet, it’s now widely played online, with ‘Yahoo!’ being the prevalent provider due to its ‘free play’ option and superior interface.
Most people will have already played fantasy sports without even knowing it. Whenever you are involved in a sports pool with your co-workers/friends at work or school, you are said to be playing a form of fantasy sports.
by The Mikey Show March 10, 2006
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An activity engaged in by fat, sweaty jocks with no sex drive, that somehow makes them less pathetic than sci-fi fans who go to conventions and bone geek-chicks.
My wife has been boning the mailman, but I don't care, more time for me to play my fantasy sports.
by Alex Stockwell September 10, 2007
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A great way to make sure sex won't be happening and you'll be spending lots of time sitting around the basement with a bunch of fat sweaty dorks.
Guy: I'm in severe danger of getting laid. This chick is nympho who ain't had sex in a month whaddo I Do?
Buddy: Don't worry I'll save you with some fantasy sports. Bros befo hos.
by DennisIsEvil August 22, 2006
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the pathetic obsession of the #foodfamitsu community
<kebo>blah blah blah sport blah blah
<servo>blah sport blah blah
<MW>blah blah sport blah blah
by franktherabbit June 1, 2004
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