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Similar to the friend zone, but when the girl considers you such a good friend that you're like a brother to her. Or a father. Whatever. You can get so close to this girl that sleeping in the same bed is a non-event, because it's just like sharing the bed with a sibling.
Sarah: Thanks for taking care of me, you're like my big brother or something.
Jacob: Perfect. I love the family zone.
by Lolosregge March 11, 2010
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When a girl you friend with/crush. Loves you but only like a family. Like a brother, father, cousin, uncle, or maybe her dog. Hey, dog can be a part of the family too. Unofficially
You can get really close to her but you will be considered as a non-dating option. Ok there's a chance you will be on the dating option but the chance are smaller, deal with it.

Similar to the friendzone

Like me, just stuck into the familyzone because I'm fat, bald, and a dude ;_; (Well not really because of that)
Becca : I love you. You like a brother to me.
James : So, we're not dating?

James. One of our comrade. Had fallen into the familyzone
by FatBaldDude July 05, 2013
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When you're not just in the friend zone, but you've been come the brother or sister they never had.
Hey, you are dating Matt yet? No, he sees me as his sister, I'm deep in the family zone.
by chocolover69 June 15, 2016
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