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Like the female homewrecker, a man who preys on women of all relationship statuses who usually have children. He carefully chooses women who are awesome moms, attractive, and have big hearts because they are the ones who will always remember the pain he caused. He weaves himself into the circle and proceeds to fit right in as if he has always been a part of the family. The children enjoy his company and playfulness, and "I love you" is often exchanged between the man and woman, and the man and children. After the man has infected the family with his charm, love, and protection, and after he plants seeds of hopes and dreams, he fucks the family by showing them he was just faking.
Can you believe that Famfacker weaved himself into my family for years, pretending to love and care, and then
left like he didn't even know us!
by Btwitsjennifer June 12, 2018
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