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A spurious ping on the gaydar. Those utterly heterosexual folks who consistently (and generally unknowingly) trip queer folks into thinking they are also gay or lesbian.

Although not in any way limited to this list, heterosexual men who are

1) faintly swishy in behaviour or
2) well-groomed and attired or
3) remarkably toned and muscular or
4) wearing a luxurious mustache along with a military fade haircut
may all end up as false positives.

Although not in any way limited to this list, heterosexual women who are

1) faintly masculine in behaviour or haircut
2) prone to sensible shoes or flat-heeled boots
3) often in charge
4) not drowned in cosmetics
5) softball players
may all end up as false positives.

The term carries no pejorative weight. Gaydar is a finely-calibrated instrument, can be easily thrown off, and no blame is assigned either to the hapless straight or to the wondering queer when a false positive is discovered.

(slang term, queer subculture, noun)
"Look, Martha, I know Betty's a hot softball coach, but she's married and monogamous and straight. Give it up. She's just a false positive."
by Miselaineous October 19, 2009
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You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
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The act of pushing aside normal emotions and facts that are sad, unhappy or bad.

Showing positive emotions or positivity has become a new form of moral correctness.

Natural emotions and opinions about something that are not positive are now seen as bad.

Ever noticed on FB how many are doing the "10 Days Gratitude" Challenge? And other challenges that pushes themselves to become a better self? I get that and it's great.

See how many likes a post on facebook gets when it is a picture of someone on a holiday, birthday, a pretty cake, etc. That's all great too.

Now, when someone even whispers something that is unpleasant to know, even if it is the truth, most people start running off in different directions, as if someone just threw a grenade on the floor.

Modern norms have indoctrinated us to identify, categorize and label speaking the truth about bad things as negative behaviour. And they have learnt to avoid "negative people". Heard of the term "Don't shoot the messenger?"
Embracing good things while avoidance of the bad is plain denial. A false positive behaviour.
by Dribee May 04, 2018
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As it is taboo to be negative about something even though it is a pragmstic view, one is pressured to fake being positive about it.
The project framwork done by the leader is weak and his subordinates are being false positive about it.
by Dribee May 04, 2018
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