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Commonly used term meaning "fall in" in Runescape. Mostly used by pre pubescent fagkids to indicate that they are teh shit by calling fallz.
Pker1: My team, Fallz!

Pker2: fk u fgt fk
by bakedtaters November 18, 2010
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to call something false in an over bearing tone, also can be symbolized with the hand motion of a single pointer finger in the up-ward direction moving toward the false person, but can be overturned with a "fallz fallz", if the person that is fallzed feels he/she has be incorrectly fallzed
"dude i hooked up with that chick last night" "Fallz...i saw you passed out on that car last night"
by Nick Frat July 24, 2006
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dominent player on the greatest game of all time MODERN WARFARE 2. also part of the most badass, feared, nd generally hated (for being the best) clans \X/. known for raining down missles nd calling in pave lows. some1 not to be fucked with.
guy#1 dude i was playin modern warfare 2 last nite nd this motherfucker FALLZ83 that was part of the \X/ clan. was in the room too

guy#2 yeah nd wat happened?

guy#1 the guy killed me 15 times! everytime i spawned he was there to kill me. i was so pissed off i turned off my ps3

guy#2 damn that sucks. remind me to stay away from those guys!
by weapon \X/ August 31, 2010
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