The most based ideology, which is a form of national syndicalism (not fascism). Spanish Politician Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera created this idea with his "Twenty-Seven Points". The ideology was prominent in the Spanish Civil War and under Caudillo Francesco Franco's Spain.
A: I think John likes Falangism.
B: How so?
A: I heard him humming Cara al Sol earlier.
B: Based.
by LeEpicNat1936 October 30, 2020
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Falange (fa-lan-jee) To describe something in/on your body that your nt the the real name of.
"My...falange is killing me today"
by Jerry Maguire November 6, 2004
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Pheobe Buffay's fake name in the best comedy TV show FRIENDS
Monica: People may give out fake phone numbers but they don't give out fake names.
Pheobe: Yes they do i do it all the time *turns to joey* Hello im Regina Falange.
Joey: Hi i'm Ken Adams.
by FriendsFnatic April 12, 2014
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When your spouse or significant other has toe nails that are too long and they slice your legs under the covers.
For the love of God Herman get a pedi cause your slicing me with those falange machettes.
by mrsbrown March 25, 2011
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When you are having vaginal or anal sex with a Thai hooker and another lady boy is having anal sex with you.
The falang sandwich was complete when the man purchased a hooker and a lady boy for the night.
by dakra23 April 8, 2016
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