A attention seeking individuals who use metal health as clout. Usually has a middle part haircut and likes posting mirror pics and sad Bart Simpson edits on instagram with XXXTENTACION music in the background. Age range is from 13-20 usually.
Alex is Fake Depressed

Yeah He Really Is

Have you seen his Instagram posts?
Yeah, the Bart Simpson one right?
by Alex Big Ben Jr April 27, 2021
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Fake depression isn't the actual mental illness that it's associated with and is instead a severe form of autism. Attention-seeking scooter fags, retards, and whores all use fake depression to their own benefit. They usually flex being diagnosed with depression and being medicated. They usually don't verbalize what's causing their depression and would much rather enjoy getting offended when called out for faking depression instead of using their energy towards something more productive or actually helping real depressed people
Retard: Dude, I think I'm depressed I want to cut myself with a butter knife.

Sane person: Do it pussy no balls you have fake depression stfu
by connor <3 hana kpop November 9, 2019
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Something people do for attention. They pretend to have depression and post sad Bart Simpson edits. Makes people with actual depression feel like shit and can be recognised by bitchiness, listening to those dumb emo lofi songs and whining about how ‘life is an endless source of pain’. Attention whore.
Emily definitely has fake depression. She has 29 friends, she lives in a mansion and she posts sad Bart Simpson edits on her story. What a slag.
by pengopinguin21 July 18, 2021
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A kid that pretends to be depressed for clout on social media apps such as tiktok. Most of them use the sad bart Profile Picture and have shit tons of fidget toys.
Guy: Did you hear about the fake depressed kid?
Girl: Yeah. He got 100,000 likes just for pretending to be "Broken"
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Someone among the ages of 8-15 who desperately wants attention. In a sad attempt to get attention, they claim they have various mental illnesses, one of them being depression. They have a Bart Simpsons profile picture with broken heart emojis around the head of Bart. They listen to depressed type music. All they want is attention, the best way to defeat these people is to ignore them. A fake depressed person will draw on their arms or scratch is vigorously to act like they cut themselves. They may even use makeup, if they're good at it. Once they made their fake cuts they roll their sleeves up or give their arms with the fake cuts as much exposure as possible so people will notice. Like I said. They want attention. They probably have a gacha profile picture as well. I genuinely hope these people get bullied so they get REAL depression.
Fake Depressed Person: "Everybody hates me.. nobody likes me.. I want to die lol"
Sensible person: "Stop being a fake depressed person. You're embarrassing yourself."
by jasmineoliviayale October 29, 2020
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Fake depressed elementary schoolers are people who make up fake facts. They would be about 9-10 years old. Sometimes they might be younger than that. Or even 11 years old!

Here are some examples of a fake depressed elementary schooler:
- Change their profile picture to a depressed person (For the girls, it would be gacha or roblox)
- Openly shows how they're depressed (Real depressed people actually hide it)
Alyssa: I'm depressed because I listen to Anna Blue
Me: You're not depressed, you fake depressed elementary schooler
by izanami uwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu November 27, 2020
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self diagnosed depressed 9-14 year olds who like gacha life and think they’re cool. they growl at people and sing songs like dynasty, human, fight song, angel with a gun, etc. they think being gay is a trend and usually are violent.
“i think i have depression..”
“do u like gacha life?”
yea why.”
“hahahahahahaha, fake depressed gacha kid!!!”
by madmikah September 28, 2021
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