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To pretend something offends you or really bothers you. This could be for attention or because you do not like the person so you want to make the situation worse than it actually is. If someone you liked had said or done it, you probably wouldn't have made a big deal about it.
Cam Newton jokingly told a reporter that he thought it was funny that she was talking about routes because she was a female. Although what Cam Newton said was sexist the outrage was over the top. One could argue that Cam Newton was getting so much backlash because of his strong stance on the protest in the NFL, and people just wanted a reason to attack him. The people "outraged" over Cam Newton's comments are fake mad they are not as angry as they are portraying to be on social media and on the television but because they don't like Cam Newton for whatever reason they're playing up the situation.
by lina_tina45 October 06, 2017
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