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Farabi is another sex god from the Latin Regions, that loves to eat and can deliver what is required and who it is required to, not just orgasms but the sexual personality a person needs or wants. Each orgasm is defined with personality and believing in 'Deus des Farabi' and eating what he eats is served in a sombrero of a town in south Brazil. It is used as a natural sex impulse. The stimulant can last for several hours and some believers say that it can be harmful to a women and it has hormonal effects.
Husband has just gotten the food that 'Farabi' used to eat and thus making sex a lot more interesting.

Husband: do you want to fuck?
Wife: Why? you are'nt that good in bed?
Husband: Let's try and make things a little more intersting then
After sex
Husband: I think my balls are dry.
by Certified Banger March 17, 2009
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