A Fake Gangster can be white or black a fake gangster will steady post about having guns and oppas and not have either one . A Fake Gangster does not mean hood or ghetto . A Fake Gangster will talk about beating someone up and not touch a single soul a will try there hardest to look tough when no one buys it.
by Cheese penis o506 January 27, 2020
Acting like you are someone who grew up in a rough neighborhood.
Chris is a fake gangster because he likes to think he grew up on rough streets, yet he was in an upper class neighborhood.
by Fake Irishman November 15, 2007
Noun - Someone who acts like a jerk, thinks he’s tough, but in reality is a wimpy idiot who can’t even pass a single math test.
Dude, Jermey is a mega fake gangster. He calls everyone stupid and acts like he's in the hood
by Swordviper January 22, 2018
When you talk shit about a person you don't like behind their backs but act all cool with them like ya bests friends.
Thot 1: Dang, that bitch eyebrows look like booty meat.

Thot 2: Hell fawk yeah, and she smell like it too.

Thot 3: Hey ladies, how's my eyebrows? Ain't they on fleek?

Thot 1 & 2: Girl, they so pretty!

So there you have it. Thats a fake-ass gangsters. And also if u dislike this definition then that means you also a fake-ass gangsters.
by Uchiha Savages February 18, 2017