A girl who is selfish and will make everyone's life miserable as long as she is the center of attention. Loves drama.
"Paige lied to my face so she could be the center of attention"
"Don't worry, Hardy is just a fake ass hoe"
by fphforlife January 12, 2017
the bane of normal people's existences.
their unfortunate presence in the world causes terrible demise. i actually hope everyone of these people die.
Sentence: Damn, Them Fake ass hoes be riding my dick 24/7.

Sentence: Fake ass hoes were in my house and at the movies today, i really hope they blow up.
by GentileFreaker February 21, 2009
Person 1: "Why isn't he here? He said he would be here!"
Person 2: "He's such a fucking fake ass hoe."
by lmaoassbitch July 20, 2014
A girl or guy who is fake and likes to suck a lot of booties.
Brandy sucked my booty and all my friends she's such a fake ass booty sucking hoe.
by Harrison Swiss February 1, 2018
A BTS obsessed that doesn't hang with her friends
by Blah blah 123 January 23, 2020