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A theist who's religious persuasion relies solely on faith, regardless of evidence or reason.
I showed her how science disproved every religious argument she had, but she still believes. What a faithiest!
by Ecce Homo March 08, 2009
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Someone who says they are an atheist even thought they really do believe in God.
Dude, Ron is such a faithiest. I saw him a church yesterday.
by Bananarama45 February 09, 2019
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Someone who must live in a religious community, pretending to be one of them, while not believing in God, or at least not believing what the rest of his/her community believes.

Alternate definition: Someone who has a strong conviction that we cannot know whether God exists.
Poor Jeremiah must live among the Mormons, even though he's a Faithiest.
by dragonflytech July 04, 2013
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A person who says that they believe in God but lives their life with no faith.

Constantly praying and worrying at the same time.
1. Lisa continues to be a FAITHIEST although she attends church every Sunday.
2. Tom’s FAITHIEST behavior has him unsure about moving to Tampa.
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by Leading Lady December 08, 2019
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