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when you've done everything you can do in one town, and everything's old and boring.

oh, and the park is pretty much where you live.
and meet up.
and do anything.

"so, what's up man"

"ah nothing, just fairhope'in around"
by mr.bush. July 16, 2008
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chill small town in south AL. home of a ton of marijuana and old people. good place to just go and chill out
hey its been a rough week, im gonna go toke in fairhope for the weekend
by yowhatupwitcha July 14, 2010
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pretty much the most boring town EVER.
everyone pretty much lives off of gene's beans & abner's, well, until it burned down and all. home to a bunch of retired old people & druggies.
i dunno, i might as well go to downtown fairhope since there's absolutly nothing better to do.
by fairhopeSUCKS. April 22, 2011
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A small town in lower Alabama full of people who think they rule the world, a bunch of old farts, and a handful of cosplayers. A popular destination to go to when visiting Fairhope would be Mr. Gene's Beans, a small ice cream shop in the downtown region. This city is referred to by some people as "Fairhopeless". When you head out of the downtown area, you will be seeing only cow pastures and fields full of cotton or corn. After heading out of the city, you'll come upon a town by the name of Daphne, a larger city will much more black people and a little less friendly.
"hey you wanna go downtown Fairhope?"
"no way, last time some cosplayers ran in the street and an old fart tried to hit me with his cane!"
by a woeful resident January 26, 2013
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A small town alabama with nothing to but smoke pot and drink
Preppy kid: ”I hate living in Fairhope. There’s nothing to do.”
Stoner: “we got dank ass weed tho
by Myliverisbroke September 28, 2017
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