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Applied to someone who is present only when things are going well or when they need something, but at the first sign of trouble/hardship, they disappear faster than Brittney Spears's career

In sports, the term is often confused with a bandwagoner, but unlike bandwagon fans, a fair weather fan initially has some interest in the team, but they want nothing to do with them when tough times occur. As soon as the team starts to turn things around and starts winning, they act as if they been there through thick and thin.

A fair weather friend is more of an associate/acquaintance. They aren't truly your friend, but you talk to them enough to somewhat know them personally. They act nice to you when they need something, but as soon as you need them to return the favor, they are nowhere to be found. A true friend is there for you no matter what.

This term can be applied to anything in life, but these are the most common.

-Example of fair weather fan-
Me: The Lakers are on tonight, I can't wait
Fair Weather Fan: I can't wait either, they rock this year
Me: I thought you said acouple years back you were done watching them after ________ got traded and you couldn't stand all their mounting losses
Fair Weather Fan: Shh the games starting

-Example of Fair Weather Friend-
Fair Weather Friend: Hey I was absent last week, can I borrow your notes?
Me: Sure man, no prob
Fair Weather Friend: Cool man thanks. You wanna chill later on after your done with all your classes?
......Later on that day......
Fair Weather Friend: Thanks for letting me use your notes, i got a B on the test
Me: Its cool. So we still gonna hang out?
Fair Weather Friend: Huh, hang out? Nah man I can't, I got plans with other people
by .PiCe.NuSSy. January 20, 2009
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A fan that only supports their team when it is winning, or only likes a team because it is popular or successful. Apt to jump on and off the bandwagon as their team has it's ups and downs. They ultimately often do not care too much for the team.
I hate seeing all those fair-weather Red Sox fans that came out of nowhere after the 2004 world series.
by sirithx October 20, 2007
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a fake friend.
who will be a best friends, but be careful, because they will backstab you quicker than lightning.
mary elizabeth harpel is a fucking fair weather.
by victom1 March 29, 2009
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A dude that thinks the way to a womans heart is to follow them around like some kind of pathetic emotionally attached lapdog, then when they become friends with him proceed to try his own version of sex, which is a collection of retarded noises/inserting said spasticated hand into their meat curtain, then blaming all of that on his obvious 'loose screw' then proceeding to follow them around at school wearing his famous ankle swingers and poking his oversised nose into other peoples business/private areas, which then results in an army of people breaking said nose and he then crawls back on all fours (or as we know it, 'fairweather shuffle') to some other girl which has sympathy for him, then repeats until is murdered.
guy 1: hey that charles guy is a fairweather

girl 1: i know.. he tried to rape me once :(

guy 2: fuck that shit, lets break his nose!

girl 1: yeah!

girl 2: don't guys he's really sweet! D:

guy 1: sweet until he's got his whole hand inside you..
by lukepearcey August 18, 2012
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