an opposite version of fail; a compliment to a person or project
that picture you drew was FAIL.
by memyselfialways January 10, 2009
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Used as a noun to describe the state of something that has failed to accomplish its goals.

An Internet meme that is applied to any humorous or ironic item/topic. failquail.com has a lot of examples of what it means to fail.
failquail.com has an example of a bakery truck with the brand name "Bimbo" on the side of it. Clearly a marketing fail.
by qkrthnu May 16, 2009
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buy the domain for your cat vlog
Getting laid in the back of an old chevy with a chick whos face resembles 6 day old chili and getting crabs from the back seat.
by failness July 18, 2008
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I was having a serious conflict with my gf on facebook chat until it told me my messages could not be delivered for like the ninth time. It is so full of FAIL, its just awful!
by Lazarus Blaine December 04, 2009
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It is beleived that this origionated in online games, as if to say: "that sucks"
also may be spelled: f4il f417 fa1l
also may be used with epic (e.g. epic fail)
"woa, this map is a total fail"
"wow, that epic fails!"
by dadefiner December 19, 2008
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Another word used commonly by a brether. Inspired by the ubiquitous Mr. Giri.
Denotes complete and utter failure.
Being useless at something.
Giri: You people are capable of writing Supreme Court judgements, but when it comes to BU exams. Fail!
by Brether Abey July 10, 2008
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