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someone who is a really big loser; not cool; trys hard to be cool; someone who's acting stupid
he is a faggetron because he is acting whack.

faggetron loser
by thekewlestkiddo May 28, 2009
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A faggetron means fagget, but it is much more fun to say and is just a sick word. Faggetrons can be anybody, from gay nerds, to sonnenbitch, to searsbitch, to deedles a.k.a eedles, to glick, glick's little brother (who I heard can whoop his ass), a faggetron is anybody who is acting in a faggety sort of way. You can also add numbers on the end of it like "faggetron 3000" for instance of "faggetron 3 million", they all work and are all funny.
"Hey it's 9:00, let's go watch Desperate Housewives and eat some non-fat yogurt."

"Shut up you faggetron."
by mr, jones June 03, 2007
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