A fage is a word you can use to replace any word you want just to sound cool. It also makes the situation more awkward but totally worth it. It is derived from the ancient nerd rap battle between mike glambin and raindrop. word is mostly offensive but it is a true honor to be called a Fage
mike glambin: you think you can rap, but you choke. your a fricking joke. you’re gay and u can’t get a girl anyway............ i’m done.

raindrop: YO, you’re gay. you suck; fages. yeah. all night. that your face all wells up and..... it..... it fades away..... YO
by raindropdestroyer July 28, 2019
Faging is when you shove your balls up your own ass or the ass of another to stretch your scrotum skin.
Oh man, I Faged that bitch last night and my scrotum hurts now
by Bitch-Cheese December 21, 2010
Someone that is very rude, very homo, and is a virgin.
Your mom, well your a fage.
Shut up you fage.
Im surrounded by fage's
by Rockstarplayer1 December 3, 2007
An uber fag, usually a person who thinks they are 1337 but everyone agrees, is not.
Holy shit you see those h4x, that guy's a fage.
by Love the Ladies June 24, 2006
Tj is my Fage.
by tas7793 November 12, 2010
1. A much less derogatory derivation of the word 'faggot'.

2. For the Amusement of Gavin and Euan.
"Alright, you fage?"

"Aye, fage."
by Gavin Anderson March 22, 2005
A word derived from Fage Greek Yogurt that describes an incredibly yogurt like person. Someone who doesn't dare to travel outside the pot but remain in a glutinous annoying state. They often study history because their bacteria live for generations in a sloppy half-hearted existence that culminates in complete pweenage (destruction) once their level of fagge-cyte has become unbearably high.

Warning- If someone encounters a Fage, it should be pweened upon discovery.
Look there is a little Fage in the corner. Lets pween him vehemently!
by Real Murcia May 29, 2013