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Faging is when you shove your balls up your own ass or the ass of another to stretch your scrotum skin.
Oh man, I Faged that bitch last night and my scrotum hurts now
by Bitch-Cheese December 20, 2010
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1. Someone that uses fagic as his main form of attack.

2. Highest level of faggotry that can be attained.
by A straight guy January 07, 2004
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Mix of the words 'Fucking' and 'Ages'. Used to denote a long period of time.
There was so much traffic! It took me fages to get home.
by Crutchez! December 20, 2010
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An uber fag, usually a person who thinks they are 1337 but everyone agrees, is not.
Holy shit you see those h4x, that guy's a fage.
by Love the Ladies June 23, 2006
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A word derived from Fage Greek Yogurt that describes an incredibly yogurt like person. Someone who doesn't dare to travel outside the pot but remain in a glutinous annoying state. They often study history because their bacteria live for generations in a sloppy half-hearted existence that culminates in complete pweenage (destruction) once their level of fagge-cyte has become unbearably high.

Warning- If someone encounters a Fage, it should be pweened upon discovery.
Look there is a little Fage in the corner. Lets pween him vehemently!
by Real Murcia May 29, 2013
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Someone that is very rude, very homo, and is a virgin.
Your mom, well your a fage.
Shut up you fage.
Im surrounded by fage's
by Rockstarplayer1 December 03, 2007
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