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A very compact turd. As if a penis rams another's anal cavity, causing the shit to be nice and compact.
Man, I just took the biggest fag shit. Felt like a rock came out my ass.
by MiScreant February 03, 2012
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Fagshit is used to describe a situation or set of actions. Most common use is to announce your departure of a location, or declare your discontent for the people, or things being done at the location.
Yo bro, I was at this party and the cops showed up. It was total fagshit.

Hey man, I heard you touched some other dudes balls. That's fagshit.

I was hanging out with some people at this club, but then they started this 80's dancing competition. So I just told them that it was total fagshit and peaced out.
by Greysticklol! September 23, 2009
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ad. 1. That which is gay is fagshit.
2. Uncool acts
When the Cowboy narced on his friends to get out of a MIP, that was definately fagshit.
by Joe Cool December 09, 2003
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