originated by Insane Clown Posse. defined to attact someone's attention... mostly used amongst friends and wannabe juggalos.
by mike DZ December 12, 2003
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a cleaner, funnier form of "motha-fucka". used by the Psychopathic artists.
My money mutha-fackos!
by ninja September 18, 2003
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A slang term,used by Juggalos, created by the Insane Clown Posse in their movie Big Money Hustlas, meaning the same thing as the popular term, mother fucker.
Big Baby Sweets:Wheres my money, Mother Facko?
by Matt Stegall June 19, 2007
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term used commonly by juggalos, juggalettes, ICP, etc. same as mother fucker
Man, that mutha facko wont share the faygo!
by tweemo April 20, 2003
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The history of mutha facko is a short one. It was first used by Violent J of Insane Clown Posse. He used it also in the juggalo movie Big Money Hustlas. It picked up usage then and los and lettes around started using it instead of mutha fucker.

Juggalo Xtreme
by Juggalo Xtreme September 01, 2004
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a slang term created by the terribly racist and awful music-making group Insane Clown Posse expressing the same meaning as the popular and commonly used explicit term mother fucker, this term, unlike its predecessor mother fucker can be shouted in public places, private establishments, sporting events etc. and not be considered an actual profane group of words, also this term can be used as a more positive replacement for mother fucker especially when in a happy and "chill" environment where negativety is completely unnecessary and unwanted
Guy 1: Wasup mother facko?
Guy 2: Pshh you know, just chillin' chillin'
Guy 1: Word kid
by alright man June 30, 2006
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