noun - the front man or con man of a group operation; usually the smoothest talker and the best looking; derived from the 80's tv show, the a-team; also: face
Go get us some free food, Faceman!
Let Faceman talk to those ladies, he'll hook us all up.
by DaveC October 11, 2005
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A man with uncommonly attractive facial features that set him apart from his peers and women swoon over. A genetic cheat code that many have tried to overcome with invasive surgeries and cosmetics — to no avail.
“Dan always gets the fit birds.”
“Yeah it’s because he’s a faceman!”
by ShanghaiNights January 30, 2023
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One that is as cool as Leisure Suit Larry. Gets all the hot chicks and drives all the nice cars. One that has incredible charisma.
by Gavin December 18, 2003
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A person with incredible genetics. It is neither something that can be created or worked at, but rather inherited. It can be so strong that it invokes jealousy amongst others.
P1: That David Beckham is a true Faceman.

P2: That's true. And he'll always be a Faceman.

P1: You're right. let's have a Budlight.
by Loom Daddy August 11, 2006
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A New Yorker with a heart of gold and testicles of bronze. Known for making movies and providing emotional, physical, and sometimes sensual support for the elderly and poverty-stricken Pilipino boys. Smells of waffles and occasionally hangs large phallic objects from trees. Should not be trusted.
I'm pro-abortion because of Faceman.
by Dizzle April 14, 2005
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One that posts at TrollKingdom, the best site ever.
Yippy! I post at TK!
by Wackster February 12, 2004
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