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An acquaintance or friend from a previous phase of your life with whom you are "friends" on Facebook. Without Facebook they would have drifted entirely out of your mind-space except for very occasional "remember that guy?" reminisces. But because of Facebook, they continue leaving attenuated mental impressions on you.

This term isn't meant to include old friends who you don't see often but to whom you have a deep connection. Also, Facebook ghosts can become real friends and acquaintances again through a renewed connection or contact, often through Facebook itself.
Gavroche: Who is that guy with the crazy hair who keeps popping up on your newsfeed?

Fantine: I went to High school with that kid, but I haven't talked to him in years. He's just a Facebook ghost.
by Johnny Popular November 24, 2011
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Somebody who always appears offline on Facebook, usually so nobody will bother them in chat.
I think that Bob is a Facebook ghost. He always posts stuff but is never online.
by The Anti-Facebook Ghost February 18, 2010
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Someone who goes on Facebook and comments on a picture/video but logs off immediately after. These people do this to give the impression that they are so cool and popular that they can only spare a few seconds of their busy day to comment on a mere Facebook picture/video.
Guy 1: Hey, Tony just made a comment on my picture, and it says he wrote it "a few seconds ago", but he's not on Facebook chat.

Guy 2: Wooooow, what a Facebook Ghost.
by itsronburgundy? March 06, 2010
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Someone who haunts a persons facebook profile usually in an attempt for the person to notice their interest. see Facebook Stalking.

The ghost will generally check and re-check the haunted page numerous times through out the day in order to be the first to comment or like on any post.
My word Jenny, thats the 5th time John has liked one of my posts and commented on it. He litterally is a Facebook Ghost.
by Memphisx February 11, 2011
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